Are you up for fun, adventure, incredible experiences and making new friends? Are you looking for something to give you the edge in life? Then welcome to the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC). Better known as just the 'Air Cadets', we’re a UK-wide cadet force with more than 40,000 members aged between 12 and 20 years...

The Air Training Corps is an old and proud organisation with over 70 years of experience. It streches back to World War 2 and is continuing into the future as the premier youth organisation in the UK.


The Air Defence Cadet Corps


In 1938, Air Commodore JA Chamier, the Father of the ATC, founded the Air Defence Cadet Corps (ADCC). The ADCC’s squadrons were set up in many towns and they were run by local people with the aim of preparing the cadets for service in the RAF or the Fleet Air Arm.


Due to World War II, Many ADCC instructors were called up into regular service, buildings were commandeered by either the Service or by local government for war work, and cadets went to work on RAF stations. Cadets were used to carry messages, help with clerical duties, provide extra muscle in handling aircraft, fill sandbag and ammunition belts and to help in the movement of stores and equipment.


By the end of the war, around 100,000 cadets had joined the Royal Air Force.


The Air Training Corps


Towards the end of 1940, the government had realised the true value of the ADCC and agreed to take control. It was reorganised and on the 5th February 1941, the Air Training Corps (ATC) was established with King George VI as the Air Commodore-in-Chief.

Many things have changed in the ATC over the years, most notably in the early 1980’s; the rules were changed so that girls were allowed to join the ATC.

The Corps Motto is 'Venture Adventure'.


347 (Dudley) Squadron


Dudley Sqn was formed on the 13th February 1941, eight days after the formation of the ATC. Our Squadron Motto is 'Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam' which is Latin for "Find a way, or make one".

The RAFAC is made up of two areas

Air Training Corps - The ATC is the RAF's cadet force, divided into six regions, 36 wings and more than 900 squadrons within communities around the UK

Combined Cadet Force (RAF) - The CCF (RAF) is our section of the CCF which is made up of cadets from all three services, coming together in approximately 200 independent and state schools across the country