If you’re a fan of aviation, action and adventure, love sports and getting to know people then you’re in the right place. Every year nearly 60,000 air cadets and volunteer staff take part in exciting events all over the country. And with over 1,000 squadrons across the UK, you could be one of them...

Cadets in your local Air Training Corps (ATC) squadron are flying, gliding, going on summer camps, taking part in all kinds of action adventure and sports, and meeting people. How far are YOU from having a brilliant time?


You can join as a cadet as soon as you are 12 years old and in year 8 at school and after some basic training, you can fly in RAF aircraft, go adventure training, win sports colours and spend weeks away visiting RAF bases. Parades and discipline? You can do it. 'Walking with friends, you keep in step naturally...Drill's just an extension of that'.


"On camp there's no time to breathe! Quick change of clothes for abseiling, canoeing, go-karting. I've helped in a jet refit - striped it down. Or an RAF sergeant asks, "Want a game of football? Get changed!"; You say, "Its there, I'm going to do it!"


As you gain experience and prove yourself, you can earn the chance to help organise squadrons activities and take on responsibility. "It's great; I'm learning so much."


Most cadets are invited along to the squadron for the first time by a friend. Someone who can't stop talking about the great time their having. Don't worry about coming down on your own though. The squadron is always a meeting place. The cadets and officers will take time to explain everything.


You just need to be 12 to 17 years of age. Any creed or colour. Male or female. "I've never met anyone who's done everything the corps has to offer and got bored. You never want to leave."


The ATC has something for everyone. Especially you!

Get a Head Start

We are not a recruiting organisation for the RAF but if you're thinking about a Service career, cadet membership will put you ahead of the competition. Many cadets go on to great success in the RAF (and the other Services). Around 40% of officers and 50% of all aircrew (including pilots, navigators and engineers) in the RAF now are ex-cadets. Research shows that they do better in basic training and stay in the Service longer than their colleagues. Likewise, if you chose a civilian career our research proves you can go on the great things…employers just love the skills and experience that air cadets offer.

Let's face it - where else would you be given the opportunity to fly solo in a glider or powered aircraft when you're 16? Whatever you do with your life, at the end of your time as a cadet you'll be self-motivated, confident and ready for anything.