First Aid is another essential skill you can pick up - train in this important area and you may be awarded a certificate from St Johns Ambulance. If those skills were called upon you could make all the difference in a life or death situation...

Within the ATC, cadets are encouraged to be First Aid qualified. Being First Aid trained is beneficial to everyone as no one knows when someone will suddenly fall ill.


As part of the cadet training syllabus, cadets get to complete the British Heart Foundation Heart Start Course and the St. John's Ambulance Youth First Aid Course. They are taught how to treat minor injuries and how to deal with more serious injuries.


Every squadron has members of staff who are first aid qualified and they help to train the squadron. This ensures that the cadets are kept up-to-date on the changes within the First Aid syllabus.


The older cadets can also complete the First Aid at Work course, which goes into more depth on what they know and also teaches them more about First Aid.


Every year our wing holds a First Aid competition, this includes a written test and two practical tests. One is performing CPR and the other is a scenario where casualties have fake wounds made up to add realism.